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1960s Dolls & Accessories

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Cameo Miss Peep -18", redressed in Cabbage Patch outfit (has some dot sized stains).

Beautiful inset (stationary) glass eyes, hinged arms and legs. Doll's hair has faded and rubbed off quite a bit as is common with these dolls, vinyl body needs a good cleaning...$30  

Ideal Baby Giggles -16", rare dark haired version, doll no longer laughs but her head and eyes still roll side to side when you raise her arm. Wearing her original pajama top and bottom...$40

Ideal Baby Giggles -16", dark blond hair, doll no longer laughs but her head and eyes still roll side to side when you raise her arm. Wearing her original pajama top (no bottoms), one eye is a little cloudy, speaker on belly has a small nick in the plastic...$25

Mattel Charmin Chatty -24", wearing untagged Chatty Cathy dress (or a clone version of it).

Could not get her to talk so assume she is mute, hair is choppy, but don't think it's been trimmed, forehead has lightened a little, vinyl of her arms is lighter color than the plastic torso and legs.

She comes wearing a dress that is in poor condition and too short for her. The velvet of the dress is disintegrating pretty bad. Perhaps use the dress for a pattern to make repro dresses, or can find some way to give it new life.  She also comes wearing Chatty shoes, but one is missing the pearl circle that decorates the bow. Some of the red dye from the shoes leached into the vinyl around her ankles and left pale red stains. One shoe is split pretty bad around the toe area. Doll could use a light cleaning...$50  

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Mattel Chatty Baby -18", wearing original pinafore and what looks like a handmade under-dress.

Doll's torso has been glued up seam and has cracks at shoulder, one eye needs repair--tends to fall inside slightly and needs to be set to hold into place, bad eye has scratches, one cheek has flesh colored paint rubbed off and other has light stain, lip color has completely lightened up, under nose and above lip color has lightened up, chatty name almost completely off pinafore, a few very light marks near pocket like water stains (may wash out), pull string there, but when pulled retracts quickly...$20  

Chatty Cathy Party Time Coat - with foxtail fur collar, fur a little matted looking, velvet has a small amount of wear to it, but not bad, has a small stain on back of arm…$25

Mattel Dancerina - 24", TLC doll, hair has been trimmed so it’s shorter and thinner than it should be.

Battery compartment has some corrosion and a piece of metal where the battery goes is broken off (and loose inside) so she no longer works. Has paint rubs to her lips and one cheek. Outfit is in poor condition--has some repairs on the legs and bodice, but the whole back around the zipper is torn. A few stains on the back of one of the doll's arm that you can see in one of the photos, and in front of that arm there is some light wear that looks almost as if the finish is coming off the vinyl (hard to see unless you look closely) She needs a light cleaning and a new outfit, but will still display nicely. A good fixer upper for someone who enjoys bringing dolls back to their former glory...$20

American Character Pre-Teen Tressy  -14" rare dark brunette, wearing original dress and panties, missing original blouse, shoes, and socks, dress is lightly stained and dingy and has a small hole in back along center seam, vinyl coloring on face a little bit dull looking, length of grow-hair strand goes only as long as you see in photo, could use a light cleaning...$35

Regal Doll (Name Unknown) -16.5", adorable Regal doll wearing original outfit, missing one sock, one shoe strap is broken, doll is marked, "REAGAL TOY/MADE IN CANADA", dress is tagged "(c)1964 ROTEX, LTD/MAPLE LEAF TARTAN/ MADE IN CANADA/REGAL TOY LIMITED."  Collar of blouse has light stain (might wash out), doll needs light cleaning, but otherwise is in VG-EX condition...$25

Deluxe Reading Penny Brite - 8", wearing original dress, no shoes or panties, face paint looks a little faded and vinyl on face has lightened a little...$15

Big Eye Eyed Holiday Fair clone pose doll - approximately 12” if you stretch out the legs. No tags or identification marks on her, but we’re guessing she was made in Japan in the 1960s, made in the style of the Holiday Fair or Dakin Dream dolls. The collar, hands, and shoes are all discolored and slightly dirty, the face has some very, very light staining...$20


Walt Disney's Mary Poppins Dress-Up Kit - copyright 1964, box is squashed a bit and paper is torn off on corners of box. Bottom of box is ripped. Missing 9 pieces--2 larger pieces and 7 small ones. Colorforms no longer stick to boards, but may with a cleaning of soap and water..$20

Marx Twinkie - 5" doll, wearing blond wig and brown shorts, lots of paint rubs on shoes, plastic is nicked in many places including on doll's nose, with has one braid torn and the other one has slash in it...$10

Remco Hanna Hippo Sleep Set nightshirt - outfit for T.V. Jones playmate Hanna Hippo, there is a stain on the side of the outfit. The outfit is suppose to fit friends Ellie Elephant and Patsy Panda as well..$10

G.I. Joe Stony Smith Totsy outfit NRFB - vintage “My Buddy” Combat Man uniform. The side of the box reads, “Debonaire Boy Doll Clothes by Totsy”.  Believe the outfit is from the 1960s. It looks like there might only be the top in the outfit—we can’t see any slacks inside. The box is in fair shape, has been flattened by stuff stored on top of it. Although the outfit is still sealed in the original cellophane, the box has a slit on the inner plastic window inside the cellophane. The box says “to fit all 12” fighting men including G.I. Joe, and Stony Smith, etc.”...$10

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Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s - value guide written by Toys of Another Time's Cindy Sabulis. The book features many of the popular dolls from this era such as Chatty Cathy, Patti Playpal, Barbie, Liddle Kiddles, Crissy, Flatsys, Dawn, Rockflowers, Tammy,  Shirley Temple, Tiny Tears, Tressy, Thumbelina, Mrs. Beasley, Penny Brite, Remco's Pocketbook dolls, celebrity dolls and many others.  Book comes signed by Cindy...$24.95

Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s, Volume II - value guide written by Toys of Another Time's Cindy Sabulis. The book features all new photographs and many dolls not covered in the first book. Dolls featured in this volume include Barbie‚ Blythe‚ Betsy McCall, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, Sears exclusive Mini Martians‚ Thumbelina‚ Liddle Kiddles‚ Tressy‚ Tammy‚ Peteena‚ celebrity dolls‚ pull-string talking dolls‚ battery-operated walking dolls‚ and many more. Many dolls selling on this website are the actual dolls Cindy photographed for the book. Book comes signed by Cindy...$24.95
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