1960s Dolls & Accessories


Mattel Swingy with Original Box, Record, & Pamphlet - 1968, 18", actual doll featured on page 168 of the book “Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s, Volume I” by Cindy Sabulis. The outfit the doll came wearing is different than the one pictured on the box, but the doll's dress is original. Some versions of this doll came wearing the dress the doll on the box is wearing, while others came wearing the dress the actual doll is wearing.

Doll's hair is choppy in length, and the front sides are short and blunt, but believe that’s the way it came from the factory.and not the result of a home haircut. The hair was probably curled at one time, but the curl is gone. Pads on bottom of shoes have slipped over to the sides--probably can be removed, re-positioned correctly, then glued back on. Battery compartment has a lot of corrosion inside. We haven’t tested her because of this. She might work if the battery compartment is cleaned up, but as is, we’re guessing she probably doesn’t work. She is supposed to walk and dance, depending on the setting of her back knob.

We have also not tested her cardboard record to see if it plays without skipping. It has a crease that goes through it like it was bent some (probably when placed on a record player). The back of the record has some discoloration.

Her  box has some flaws, including the flap at the top which is torn some, and there are some creases and discoloration of the cardboard. The white fabric of her socks, underwear, and bottom of her skirt have discolored to a yellowish tint. Her yellow suede belt has a little wear. She has some dirty spots on her vinyl that need cleaning, but overall she is in pretty good shape...$85

Regal Doll (Name Unknown) -16.5", adorable Regal doll wearing original outfit, missing one sock, one shoe strap is broken, doll is marked, "REAGAL TOY/MADE IN CANADA", dress is tagged "(c)1964 ROTEX, LTD/MAPLE LEAF TARTAN/ MADE IN CANADA/REGAL TOY LIMITED."  Collar of blouse has light stain (might wash out), doll needs light cleaning, but otherwise is in VG-EX condition...$25
Mattel Singing Chatty Cathy - 17", brunette wearing original dress, missing all her eye lashes, lip paint faded and coming off, hair is choppy and missing a whole line of hair in front, red stain near ankle, no longer sings, pull string retracts quickly...$25
11724.jpg (48763 bytes) 11611.jpg (74048 bytes) 11610.jpg (60851 bytes) Mattel Chatty Baby -18", wearing original pinafore and what looks like a handmade under-dress. Doll's torso has been glued up seam and has cracks at shoulder, one eye needs repair--tends to fall inside slightly and needs to be set to hold into place, bad eye has scratches, one cheek has flesh colored paint rubbed off and other has light stain, lip color has completely lightened up, under nose and above lip color has lightened up, chatty name almost completely off pinafore, a few very light marks near pocket like water stains (may wash out), pull string there, but when pulled retracts quickly...$20  
Mattel Chatty Cathy Party Time Coat - with foxtail fur collar, fur a little matted looking, velvet has a small amount of wear to it, but not bad, has a small stain on back of arms...$25
Mattel Small Talk Beddie-Bye Case - for Sister Small Talk, Baby Small Talk, & Baby Small Walk, vinyl carrying case for 10" dolls and clothing that converts into a bed, has some splits in the corner and some rubbing off of graphics...$15

Mattel Dancerina - 24", TLC doll, hair has been trimmed so it's shorter and thinner than it should be.

Battery compartment has some corrosion and a piece of metal where the battery goes is broken off (and loose inside) so she no longer works. Has paint rubs to her lips and one cheek. Outfit is in poor condition--has some repairs on the legs and bodice, but the whole back around the zipper is torn.

A few stains on the back of one of the doll's arm that you can see in one of the photos, and in front of that arm there is some light wear that looks almost as if the finish is coming off the vinyl (hard to see unless you look closely) She needs a light cleaning and a new outfit, but will still display nicely. A good fixer upper for someone who enjoys bringing dolls back to their former glory...$20
Ideal Baby Giggles -16", rare dark haired version, doll no longer laughs but her head and eyes still roll side to side when you raise her arm. Wearing her original pajama top and bottom...$40
Ideal Baby Giggles -16", dark blond hair, doll no longer laughs but her head and eyes still roll side to side when you raise her arm. Wearing her original pajama top (no bottoms), one eye is a little cloudy, speaker on belly has a small nick in the plastic...$25
Deluxe Reading Penny Brite - 8", wearing original dress, no shoes or panties, face paint looks a little faded and vinyl on face has lightened a little...$15

Ideal Tammy's Dad - 13", wearing original shirt and pants that were sold separately for Dad and Ted, no shoes, hair has lots of rubs, tiny slit in vinyl above eyebrow that looks like a small scar....$30
Ideal Ted - 12 1/2", wearing shirt and shorts that were sold separately for Dad and Ted, shoes are not Ideal's and have stains on the back of them hair has lots of rubs, dot size stain on leg, and some scratches on plastic...$25
7207.jpg (39372 bytes) Horsman Mary Poppins - 11", wearing original purple dress and blue coat, no shoes or stockings, hair is loose and bangs are thin, lip color bright but has a tiny dot of black on bottom of lower lip, coat has a couple of light stains, dress is faded a bit...$15
Tammy's Puddle Jumper - complete - one boot has a pinkish tint to it, especially around heel so doesn't match up perfectly with other boot, umbrella has what looks like a glue stain close to metal point and the point has tarnished some, purse has light discoloration and a creased flaw in the vinyl, coat and scarf are VG, includes original top to cardboard package...$35
Greta Griddle Liddle Kiddle - doll with table and two chairs - believe head is on the wrong body since there is a small amount of white sock paint on the bottom of feet so it may belong to a different Kiddle although it is the correct size for Greta, body has lots of problems, limbs don't bend, one foot is off at the tip, slit in vinyl on other foot, pinpricks in legs, slit in vinyl on hands, replaced elastic in hair...$25

Kologne Kiddle, Violet - doll and bottle, variation pale hair, no inner stand, front of bottle is cloudy, cracks in plastic around base...$25

Shirley Skediddle Liddle Kiddle - hair has been sloppily redone and needs fixing, dress is dirty and dingy, tips of toes are nipped off, sock paint coming off, no panties or shoes...$15
Trikey Triddle Liddle Kiddle - doll - hair retied, ribbons replaced, wire peeking out under seam of one wrist, vinyl of leg is split at top, face is pale...$20
Anabelle Autodiddle - car - good condition...$10
Bunson Burnie's Fire Truck - fire truck - missing both ladders...$10
Freezy's Sled - missing string to pull in front, but still has strap to hold doll..$20
Kampy Kiddle - sleeping bag, one chunk of the material lining the inside of the sleeping bag has disintegrated, a little bit of fraying at ends...$20
American Character Tressy Doll - 11", bright blond hair wearing original dress, long hair strand missing, short hair is thick and full...$20
Tressy's Chic Shift - dress - no belt, lightly stained on top...$15
Tressy Hair Dryer - label on front has deep creases in two spots and a 1/2" tear on top, inside includes hair dryer, and a child-size and doll-size hair caps, outside of case needs cleaning, piece of plastic on end of hair dryer broken off, doesn't work...$25
Tressy Hair Dryer - same dryer as above only in pink...$35
Remco Dr. John Littlechap - doll - hair rubs have been repainted, comes wearing his original terry cloth robe, has stains on leg...$20
Remco Judy Littlechap - doll - hair and bangs have been trimmed some but not too badly, has stain on back of one arm, nude...$10
10322.jpg (91249 bytes) Littlechap Fashion booklet - covers may have minor flaws...$7 each
10323.jpg (52599 bytes) Dr. John's Car Coat - a small and very light stain on the arm near the collar and another lighter mark in the front. Both light enough so you don't really see them, may wash out...$15
Lisa Littlechap's Fur Trimmed Suede Coat and Hat - back of coat has been cut around hem as if someone wanted fringe on the end, otherwise outfit is in nice shape and displays well from front...$20
G.I. Joe Stony Smith Totsy outfit - NRFB vintage My Buddy Combat Man uniform. The side of the box reads, "Debonaire Boy Doll Clothes by Totsy".  Believe the outfit is from the 1960s. It looks like there might only be the top in the outfit--don't see any slacks inside.

The box is in fair shape, has been flattened by stuff stored on top of it. Although the outfit is still sealed in the original cellophane, the box has a slit on the inner plastic window inside the cellophane. The box says "to fit all 12" fighting men including G.I. Joe, and Stony Smith, etc."...$10