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1970s Dolls & Accessories

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Hasbro Sweet Cookie - 18", all original including hard to find child's size apron that matches doll's outfit, hair on doll has been trimmed...$25

Ideal Look Around Velvet - wearing original dress and panties, no shoes, dress material is crisp, hair has lots of curl in front, one thumb has black stain, butterfly pull string works so she moves...$25

Ideal Mia - wearing original jumpsuit (no shoes), has reddish stain on forehead which is mostly hidden under bangs, paint on side of mouth is smeared so looks like a pink smudge, bangs are sparse, playsuit was repaired in front and has a large hole and fraying at one shoulder, collar also has tear along seam with lace...$25

Ideal Velvet's On the Lamb - Mint on card with box, box is in fair condition, ripped at top and squashed on sides, cellophane is off inside box...$20

Velvet Beauty Braider Original Instructions - instruction pamphlet that came with Velvet and her Beauty Braider. It is the original instructions and not a reproduction. The pamphlet opens up and is a total of 4 pages...$5

Mia Original Instructions - two sided instruction pamphlet that came with Ideal’s Mia. It is the original instructions and not a reproduction. The pamphlet has some tape stains and is torn on the edges....$5

Dawn Mirror - hand held mirror, 7" tall, mirror is marked, "Durham Industries, Inc, New York, N.Y."...$15

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Comic Book with Dawn Beauty Pageant Ad - Archies/Sabrina Comic Book from the early 1970s.

Inside is a full page ad for Dawn’s Beauty Pageant. The comic has 72 pages, plus 4 and 1/2 pages that are separated from the book (could possibly be from a different book). The first page is ripped and there is no cover. In addition to the Topper Dawn ad there is also a Topper Ding-A-Lings ad, crafts, advertisements for fun stuff like Sea Monkeys (how many of us wasted our hard earned allowance sending away for those?), and of course the comic featuring Sabrina the Teenage Witch...$15

Ideal Jody, An Old Fashioned Girl -9" wearing her original Gibson Girl dress, bloomers, and boots, dress is faded and has small stain near front hem, hair is wavy and a little frizzy...$15

Star Spangled Doll, Southern Belle - Mattel, doll is same mold as Sunshine Family, doll is near mint, except for one dress sleeve has a large tear/hole in it. Looks like sleeve got caught on something and got pretty mangled, but the rest of the dress is mint. Hair still wrapped in the cellophane, and curls are crispy tight (loaded with hair spray to stay in place), still has original shoes...$15

Star Spangled Doll, Pioneer Daughter - Mattel, doll is same mold as Sunshine Family, doll is mint like she just came out of the box, hair still wrapped in the cellophane, outfit is crisp..$20

Mattel Shopping Sheryl -14 1/2" wearing original dress, no panties, shoes or socks, has some scuff marks on legs, thumb moves when you press the button on her side, could use a light cleaning...$25

Hasbro Cheryl Ladd Charlie’s Angels “Kris” - 9”, Wearing original outfit, blue stains at knees from wire inside, hair is frizzy, chew marks on one hand, elastic at end of sleeves are stretched, “angels” print on shirt faded...$15

Mego Boss Hogg Dukes of Hazzard Figure - 8", NRFP, package is a little dirty and card has some wrinkling...$30

Kenner Darci Cover Girl (blond) - 12 1/2", 1979, NRFB box has lots of wear, plastic window in front has come separated so inside of box is exposed, plastic window on top of box also separating, rip in cardboard near top of the box, curls on hair a bit messy from plastic hitting it, has green spots on arms and shoulders...$75

Madame Alexander Little Women Beth - 12", original dress, slip, pantaloons, socks & shoes, missing original apron, hard plastic body and limbs, hard vinyl head, believe she is from the early to mid 70's...$20

Madame Alexander Canada - 7" doll in played with condition, hair pretty messy, has her original dress, apron, slip, and hat, but no undies, stockings or shoes. Straight leg version, unsure of what year she's from, stringing on her legs is a little loose, but not too bad...$15

Madame Alexander doll shoes promotional pair of shoes handmade by the Madame Alexander Company staff for the 2005 International Toy Fair held in New York. Toy Fair is a trade show and these were given out exclusively to show attendees. The shoes should fit any 8” doll including 8” Wendy, Alexanderkins, Ginny, etc.  The shoes are stamped Alexander inside...$10

Betsy McCall Coloring Book - by Whitman, 1971 unused (no colored pages), tiny amount of dirt on covers...$15

Dollikin Paper Doll - by Whitman, 1971, a few flaws on cover like scuff marks and smudges, but overall VG, uncut...$15

Raggedy Ann and Andy Paper Dolls - 1973, Bobbs-Merrill Co., box is ripped in the corners, clothing is all cut, includes two dolls and clothing..$15

See our Character Collectibles page for more Raggedy Ann items

Mrs. Beasley Paper Dolls - Whitman, 1974, box is torn in three corners taped in one, doll's head was ripped  off and taped back on, clothes have all been cut, marker on bottom of box...$15

newbook.JPG (77767 bytes)

Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s, Volume I - value guide written by Toys of Another Time's Cindy Sabulis. The book features many of the popular dolls from this era such as Chatty Cathy, Patti Playpal, Barbie, Liddle Kiddles, Crissy, Flatsys, Dawn, Rockflowers, Tammy,  Shirley Temple, Tiny Tears, Tressy, Thumbelina, Mrs. Beasley, Penny Brite, Remco's Pocketbook dolls, celebrity dolls and many others. Many dolls selling on this website are the actual dolls Cindy photographed for the book, book comes signed by Cindy...$24.95

Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s, Volume II - 2004 value guide written by Toys of Another Time's Cindy Sabulis. The book features all new photographs and many dolls not covered in the first book. Dolls featured in this volume include Barbie‚ Blythe‚ Betsy McCall, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, Sears exclusive Mini Martians‚ Thumbelina‚ Liddle Kiddles‚ Tressy‚ Tammy‚ Peteena‚ celebrity dolls‚ pull-string talking dolls‚ battery-operated walking dolls‚ and many more. Many dolls selling on this website are the actual dolls Cindy photographed for the book. Book comes signed by Cindy...$24.95

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