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Strawberry Shortcake - flat hand version doll wearing hat, dress and tights, no shoes. Dress is a tiny bit dingier than normal, but not bad, hat has some water stains on the back...$20


Strawberry Shortcake - flat hand version doll wearing dress, no shoes or hat, doll and outfit needs cleaning...$15

Raspberry Tart - doll wearing original dress and tights, no hat or shoes, tights are dirty and need cleaning, hair is thinner than normal ...$10

Lime Chiffon and Parfait  - doll and pet, doll wearing original dress, tights, and hat, no shoes, parrot is dirty and need cleaning, and has a stain on one wing...$20

Lime Chiffon - doll wearing original dress and tights, no hat or shoes, tights are dirty and need cleaning ...$10

Lemon Meringue - doll wearing complete outfit, original ponytails with ribbons still intact, hat has stains all over front and back, otherwise doll is in very good condition...$20

Huckleberry Pie - doll wearing complete outfit, flat hand version, embroidered fruit on hat has fallen off and needs gluing back on, good/VG...$20

Apple Dumplin'- doll - missing one of original socks, has dark spot on face...$8

Apricot with Hopaslot - doll and pet - missing original socks, suede hat is a little dirty, original ponytail ribbons have been retied...$15

Strawberry Shortcake Rag Doll - 15" (not counting hat)/18" to top of hat, has water-mark stain on arm, dress a tiny bit dirty..$15

Flitterbit Butterfly - front seatbelt has a split in it, clear plastic of wings are yellowed...$20

Berry Cycle - seatbelt broken otherwise good...$20

Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shaped Doll Case Carrier - a few light scratches..$10

5305.jpg (76128 bytes)

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Wear - NRFP, contains Berry Wet and Berry Ballerina for Apple Dumplin', Cherry Cuddler and smaller sized dolls, cardboard buckled and has some wear to the graphics...$10

Strawberry Shortcake Adventures in Strawberry Land - includes record, record for the most part looks pretty clear but may have one or two scratches....$5
  Strawberry Shortcake Adventures in Strawberry Land - same book as above only no record and has a large crease down middle of cover and is a bit worn...$3

Blueberry Muffin & Cheesecake - book and record, cover has a few flaws, but inside book is in great shape and record looks as if it was hardly played...$5 

Strawberry and Pupcake 2002 Scented Christmas Ornament - Carlton Cards, Mint in box...$20

8615.jpg (23496 bytes)

Rainbow Brite friend Shy Violet -10”, doll is missing her clothing, very good condition. This is the vintage doll, not a  reissue....$15

Rainbow Brite Pup - 8" stuffed dog with vinyl face, has stain on one ear, light smudge mark on star, has light surface dirt and could use a light cleaning...$15

Rainbow Brite Coloring Book - 1985, cover has a few creases, 6 pages have been colored.. $10

Rainbow Brite Happy Birthday Buddy Blue - read-along book and record set, cover has a few flaws, but inside book is in great shape, record looks as if it has a few scratches but we haven't played it to know for sure...$5 

My Little Pony Giraffe Creamsicle - in VG condition...$20

Tonka Star Fairies Princess Sparkle - doll in original outfit (no shoes), top ponytail has been redone, has a tiny dot mark on face (might come off)...$15

8620.jpg (22542 bytes)

Care Bear Cousin Mini PVC - minor paint rubs and tip of head is nipped just a tiny bit, otherwise, VG...$10

Care Bear Tin Box - 6" long x 4 1/2" wide, some scratches and paint wearing off, has some kind of residue on it (maybe glue?) that might come off with cleaning,  marked 1983 American Greetings Corp, made in USA by CheinCo.....$20

Care Bear Miniature PVC Carrying Case Holder - 10" x 10", 1984, has some creases on cover and some wear in the corners, made by Kenner...$20

2525.jpg (26428 bytes)

Care Bear Sticker Books - "Play it Safe," from Pizza Hut, has some stickers in it...$5

Shirt Tales Rick Raccoon Plush Toy - Hasbro, copyright 1980 Hallmark Cards, 10 1/2" tall, both button eyes have a scratch on them, but can't really see since the eyes are hidden in the fur, shirt a little dirty...$15

Precious Moments 1987 Christmas Edition - by Applause, very good condition, with plastic Applause tab still attached...$10

Precious Moments 1988 Christmas Edition - by Applause, very good condition, with tag...$10

3308.jpg (60367 bytes)

Talking Rosie O'Donnell - NRFB - $15

Wishnik Troll - by Uneeda, 1992,  troll is about 8", part of price tag is on front window, card has some wear to it, plastic bubble is squished on bottom, inside troll's nose has a light line across it like a scuff mark and there are loose hairs on the clothing, NRFP....$15

Beverly Hills 90210 Kelly - character played by Jennie Garth, Mattel, 1991, 11 1/2", box has sticker residue on top and plastic window (can get off with work, some dings in the plastic window, and the cardboard, box has some creases and is not perfect, NRFB....$20

Beverly Hills 90210 Brenda - character played by  Shannen Doherty, Mattel, 1991,  11 1/2", some dings and creases in box, NRFB....$20

Beverly Hills 90210 Brandon - character played by Jason Priestly , Mattel, 1991,  12", box has some creases and is not perfect, couple of dings in plastic window, plastic window loose a little in places, NRFB....$20

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - character played by Melissa Joan Hart, Hasbro, 1997, turn wheel on her back to make her wrist twist and create "magic". Comes with Salam the Cat with glowing eyes, NRFB, box has remains of red price sticker on front...$25

French Foreign Legion G.I. Joe - 1997 Limited Edition - NRFB, minimal box wear...$25

American Girl lot - Kaya poster, a large Kaya shopping bag, 4 American Girl pins including 3 Samantha and 1 Addy pin, and 6 sheets of paper doll clothing from American Girl magazines (no dolls included)...$10 all

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