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Miscellaneous Barbie Items & Accessories

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Vintage Cases, Vehicles, and Furniture

Barbie and Skipper Double Case - has large rip at top corner, smaller rip at bottom corner, dented a bit along spine...$20

Ken Suzy Goose Wardrobe - door hinges broken off on one side and door is taped on, missing shelf or clothes hanger inside, drawers, and accessory holders on doors, mirror is scratched, melt mark on bottom inside and back wall has some sticker residue and dirt marks, still displays well in spite of flaws...$15
Suzy Goose Hope Chest - GC…$10
Suzy Goose Hope Chest - yellowed all over and unevenly on top…$5

Miscellaneous Barbie Items

1973 Malibu Skipper Paper Doll - uncut...$20

1979 Super Star Barbie Door Nameplate sticker NRFP - plate is made of a lightweight, shiny cardboard and was meant to be stuck directly on a bedroom door, toy box, or notebook. There are self-sticking letters inside the package so the plate can be personalized with a child’s name. The plate measures 5 ” x 11”. Package is shrink-wrapped, never opened. Cardboard backing has some creases and bends in it. This was put out by Ambassador, a division of Hallmark...$10

FRBK2.jpg (20628 bytes)

1983 Barbie Gum Pack Sticker Book from Europe - This book contains 2" x 3" rectangular stickers that you purchased in gum packs and placed them in the proper place in the book as you got them. About 1/2 the stickers are there. Text is in French, stickers contain photos of many familiar Barbies from the early '80s...$10

Sc34.jpg (48389 bytes)

1984 Barbie Comic from France - 50 page comic book "Special No. 4 Barbie" written in French…$10

Sc39.jpg (39467 bytes)

1984 Barbie Comic from France - 32 page comic book "Le journal de Barbie mensuel" written in French  No.7…$10

Sc38.jpg (41186 bytes)

1984 Barbie Comic from France - 32 page comic book "Le journal de Barbie mensuel" written in French, No.11…$10

4621.jpg (55172 bytes)

1984 Little Theater Barbie as Rapunzel Puzzle - complete, one piece has picture peeling off cardboard, little bit of wear around the edges...$10

1989 Super Star Barbie Colorforms - set has never been used. The outfits have not been peeled off from the backing and the doll has not been punched out. The box is in very good condition with only a few light rubs to the graphics...$15

Trading Card Poster - 1991, NRFP, shows all the trading cards made during 1991 which include cards featuring photos of  both vintage dolls and modern dolls …$5

1990 Barbie Magazine, Winter, Target Exclusive - NRFP 30th Anniversary magazine with a Barbie outfit inside plastic wrap. Not sure how many pages or what is covered inside since magazine is still sealed, but it's a thin magazine, cover says, "Barbie Through the Decades, Her Fashions/Her Passions." Back of magazine shows the 1989 Happy Holiday Barbie ...$10  

Barbie Happy Holidays Christmas stocking - This stocking features the 1991 Happy Holidays Barbie. The stocking measures 13 ” long by 10” wide at toe. Unused and still has its original hang tag. This stocking was originally sold in Hallmark stores...$15

Sc32.jpg (29739 bytes)

Chantal Goya - Record jacket and song booklet - missing record, song booklet has illustrations of antique dolls surrounding Chantal Goya. In each picture her face is a photograph, but her body is an illustration making her a part of the picture, 5 pictures in booklet consisting of 2 pages each, cover of record jacket shows Chantal with with 6 Chantal Goya dolls by Mattel...$12

Licensed Products (all new, mint in box)

Barbie Bride to Be Plate - Danbury Mint, 1990, in original Styrofoam box …$25

r20.jpg (75601 bytes)

Here Comes the Bride Oval Plate Enesco… $25

d12.jpg (60311 bytes)

Holiday Dance 8 1/4 inch Plate…$25

3321.jpg (67919 bytes)

Holiday Dance Ornament...$10

7210.jpg (75477 bytes)

1989 Happy Holiday Ornament  - Enesco…$10

7208.jpg (101995 bytes)

1996 Happy Holidays Barbie Plate…$25 

7209.jpg (91589 bytes)

1996 Happy Holiday Ornament - Enesco…$10

7211.jpg (104741 bytes)

1997 Happy Holidays Barbie Plate…$25

7212.jpg (109365 bytes)

1997 Happy Holiday Ornament - Enesco…$10

Hallmark Barbie Ornaments (all mint in box, some missing price tags from boxes)

10121.jpg (63097 bytes)

1994 Barbie Swimsuit - 1st in series...$20

10117.jpg (70087 bytes)10118.jpg (71904 bytes)

1994 Barbie Holiday - 2nd in series...$20

3317.jpg (45545 bytes)

1995 Barbie Springtime- 1st in series...$15

3316.jpg (39322 bytes)

1995 Barbie Holiday - 3rd in series...$20

6019.JPG (85170 bytes)

1996 Native American Barbie...$15

10115.jpg (58524 bytes)10116.jpg (69655 bytes)

1996 Barbie Springtime - 2nd in series...$15

3214.jpg (53181 bytes)

1997 Barbie Holiday - 5th in series...$18

3320.jpg (44568 bytes)

1997 Barbie Springtime...$15

3324.jpg (40586 bytes)

1997 Rapunzel...$15

10122.jpg (77897 bytes)

1997 Chinese Barbie - 2nd in Dolls of the World series...$15

3216.jpg (46254 bytes)

1997 Barbie Wedding Day...$18

4412.jpg (86545 bytes)

1997 Holiday Traditions Barbie...$15

4411.jpg (83268 bytes)

1997 Victorian Elegance Barbie....$15

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