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Modern Boxed Barbie Dolls

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All dolls listed below are Never Removed From Box (NRFB), boxes may have some flaws so please inquire

z01.jpg (65496 bytes)

1986 Dee Dee Rocker - From Barbie and the Rockers. Real dancing action. Believe this is the second issue doll, box is on the rough side, with graphics wearing around the edges, a tear at the top where the original price tag used to be, and plastic starting to separate from the box...$25

1987 Sears Lilac and Lovely Barbie...$20

7021.jpg (83508 bytes)

1989 Unicef Barbie - plastic on window is very wavy...$25

1992 Wal-Mart 30th Anniversary Barbie...$30

1992 Service Merchandise Satin Nights Barbie...$35

1993 TRU Radiant in Red Barbie - (white version), box has crease...$25

t01.jpg (54390 bytes)

1993 TRU Radiant in Red Barbie - (black version)...$25

1993 Western Stampin' Tara Lynn - elastic which originally held hat in box broke or disintegrated so hat is now loose inside box..$25

1993 TRU Moonlight Magic Barbie - (black version), some creases and denting on bottom of box, plastic window has some really light scuffing ...$25

1994 Solo in the Spotlight Barbie - brunette ponytail reproduction of vintage doll wearing repro Solo in the Spotlight fashion, some light scuffing on window…$25

1994 Emerald Elegance Barbie - light scuffing on plastic window..$25

4209.jpg (67007 bytes)

1995 Busy Gal Barbie - front of plastic is unglued on bottom of box, box has some creases and scuffing...$45

1995 Happy Holiday Barbie (green gown/red box) - Box is coming apart at slots in back. Stickers to hold box together have lost their stickiness. This tends to be common with this year’s box…$25

7302.jpg (30351 bytes)7303.jpg (34847 bytes)

1995 Warehouse Club Winter Fantasy Barbie - brunette or blond...$35 each

2619.jpg (37506 bytes)

1995 Warehouse Club Winters Eve Barbie...$25

j09.jpg (68610 bytes)

1995 Hallmark Holiday Memories Barbie - box slightly dented...$40

j05.jpg (71459 bytes)j04.jpg (64605 bytes)

1995 TRU Sapphire Dream Barbie - first photo shows a loose doll so you can better see what she looks like, but you will be purchasing the NRFB one on the bottom...$60

1995 TRU Purple Passion Barbie...$25

1995 Service Merchandise Ruby Romance Barbie...$25

e24a.JPG (60188 bytes)

1995 Hallmark Sweet Valentine Barbie - 1st in series…$35

1995 Teacher Barbie Playset - this set was pulled off the shelves by Mattel due to the outcry from parents that Teacher Barbie wasn't wearing panties. This is the earlier doll (pre-recall) with the molded underwear as opposed to the later issued dolls that came wearing cloth panties...$35

a08.JPG (55128 bytes)

1996 International Holiday Barbie...$40

1996 Avon Winter Velvet Barbie...$20

1996 Winter Fantasy Barbie...$30

j08.jpg (73655 bytes)

1996 Hallmark Yuletide Romance Barbie -  3rd in Series, small tears around flap insert on front…$40

k08.jpg (71622 bytes)

1996 Hallmark Sentimental Valentine Barbie - 2nd in series…$35

4004.jpg (66532 bytes)

1996 Avon Spring Blossom Barbie...$25

z02.jpg (64877 bytes)

1996 J.C. Penney's Winter Renaissance Barbie...$40

1996 Star Trek Barbie and Ken Giftset - 30th Anniversary Edition...$50

1997 Silken Flame Barbie - Blond, Collector Edition reproduces two 1960s originals: Red Flare, which includes a coat, hat, handbag, gloves and shoes and Silken Flame which features a dress with belt, box has small amount of wear including light scratches on plastic and crease in side...$25

1997 Easter Egg Hunt Barbie and Kelly gift set - box has some shelf wear…$25 

1997 Happy Halloween Barbie and Kelly gift set -box has a slight creases at bottom and top…$25 

1997 Happy Holidays Barbie - red dress, brunette hair, background cardboard is white with gold and green design the same shape as the necklace the doll is wearing, there is a “ding” in the plastic on the front of the box. Also the side plastic has some deep rubs that are almost creases but not quite. The very top corner of the (red section) has some rubs....$25

7301.jpg (41396 bytes)

1997 Happy Holidays Barbie - red dress, brunette hair, background cardboard is gold...$25

1998 Happy Holidays Barbie...$25

1999 Kelly and Tommy Raggedy Ann and Andy -very light scuffing on plastic window (hard to see)...$20

n09.jpg (57655 bytes)n08.jpg (56144 bytes)

FAO Schwarz Jeweled Splendor Barbie - comes in original shipping carton, beautiful doll in a beautiful box adorned with velvet on the front, the picture doesn't do this one justice...$100

Takara Jenny Stylish Mode - box has some dings and scuffing on the clear plastic window, copyright date 2001...$25

Takara Jenny Collection Outfit - box has a deep crease on the front, copyright date 1991...$20

Takara Licca - box has a copyright date of 1987 but not sure if that is the year the doll was sold…$25

Japanese Barbie - 1999…$20

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