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Vintage Barbie Dolls, Clothing, and Accessories

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Barbie Dolls

Bubble Cut Barbie

 Dark brunette hair (not quite black, but very dark) - light pink lips, "Barbie/Midge" body, missing one pinkie, vinyl on face a little dark, paint rubbed off one eyelid, dark dot on back of calf, body needs a good cleaning, wearing a generic vintage dress that is in fair condition (doesn't close well in back).


Talking Barbie with spit curl

 Wearing original swimsuit and cover-up, near mint, beautiful makeup and eyelashes.



Tutti-sized Buffy, wearing original dress with matching panties and original hair ribbons, missing shoes and socks, vinyl on face is light, original pigtail ribbons still tied on, but have sunk down so hair is a little loose, original elastics on pigtails have disintegrated, dress is stained at the collar and has a tiny slit in material. Dress is stretched out some, and has stain on skirt, elastic band on panties is stretched out (currently held tight with a piece of tape),  one arm doesn't pose at shoulder so sticks straight out, vinyl on that arm is very dark, has some stains, also has some indents in vinyl. Other arm has lighten and has indents in vinyl, the vinyl of one ankle is slashed, doll needs a light cleaning. Good fixer-up doll.


Early Barbie Clothing

Barbie Arabian Nights

Skirt, top, one earring, one slipper, necklace, and the hard to find lamp - outfit is missing the bracelets, one earring, one slipper, the scarf and pamphlet. Skirt and top a bit wrinkled and would benefit from being pressed or steamed. Doll in photo not included


10611.jpg (80572 bytes)

Barbie Babysits
apron - GC $10

sweater, skirt, one pompom - sweater needs repair on shoulder seam and opposite arm sleeve seam, a couple of light spots that might come out with spot cleaning $45

Garden Party

complete - dress VG, gloves have some stains on them $30

Going To the Ball

jacket with white satin lining - fur is nice but slightly played with $25

Golden Glory

jacket - fur is nice, lining has no rips, looks unused, EX condition, $50


gown - made in rich navy velvet with gold and multicolor tapestry braid trim at the hem and on the sleeves, outfit has rips under each arm and will need a few stitches on each side. The gold chain belt was broken and reattached in one spot, but doesn’t have the excess chain hanging down.

jacket and skirt - jacket is dingy, skirt has small amount of wear but still nice $10

It's Cold Outside
coat and hat - complete, a couple of pin size stains on coat otherwise near mint $35

10518.jpg (37133 bytes)

Junior Designer  (#1620)

dress - has a light stain on front down near green stripe



black tights - large area around crotch has hole but can be repaired


Nighty Negligee Set

complete - elastic on nightgown stretched out, a couple of pin-sized holes in material, one stitch out on sleeve of robe, dog in great shape, one pom on shoe has fallen off and needs regluing


Singing in the Shower

complete except one slipper - robe and slipper are a little dirty, towel has blue stain on it, washcloth has hole and snags (fair), bath brush sponge has totally disintegrated



Solo In the Spotlight



10601.jpg (44649 bytes)

Stormy Weather

jacket and hat - missing belt, needs cleaning


Sweater Girl
How to Knit Book - has a tiny amount of rubs around the edges, otherwise GC $8


Tennis Anyone?
complete except glasses - sweater and socks dingy $40
racket - paint scraped slightly on handle $5
white sneakers (made in Japan)   $8

Winter Holiday
jacket (no belt), tights, sweater (no ties), gloves and bag - jacket has red stains on the back collar and underneath collar $35

Winter Holiday
sweater - with tie $10

Mod Barbie Clothing

10509.jpg (74302 bytes)

Best Buy Fashion - (#3343 - 1973)

blue flowered peasant dress with tie belt - belt faded, o/w GC


Cloud 9 (#1489)

robe - sheer overlay has some pulls in the material


10521.jpg (48123 bytes)

Country Caper (#1862)

blouse & shorts - sleeve needs stitching on seam, shorts faded, GC


10608.jpg (50123 bytes)

Harem-m-m (#1784)

jumpsuit - no belt, CG


Hooray for Leather (#1477)

sweater - little bit of stitching coming out on hem in back


Knit Hit (#1804)

dress and blue close toe shoes, complete, NM


Little Bow Pink (#1483)

dress, shoes and one stocking - has a lighter pink area under bow but is very hard to see, a few small light stains in back,  missing one button in back


Lovely Lingerie

panties and slip GC


Make Mine Midi

pink slip - waist stitching totally out but lace and material still nice


10511.jpg (79649 bytes)

Silver Blues

evening coat - has quite a bit of wear to it, but still displays nicely, HTF 


Snap Dash

dress and hat - dress is in VG-EX condition, hat is flipped up on one side but straight on other, braid is just hanging on top--not sure if it was originally twisted all the way around hat or if it was glued into place at one time, bead closure is still on hat, small light spot on hat, top of hat has wrinkles in it 


4913.jpg (48738 bytes)

Tennis Team (#1781)

dress, racket, ball - dress is a little dirty, but in general GC


dress - little dingy but still GC



complete except garter straps missing off of panties - phone pieces have come apart so needs to be glued. phone may have faded since it is a different color than the mirror, comb, and brush set


10615.jpg (52247 bytes)

Wild 'n Wonderful

top - color just a little duller than it should be



dress - belt has been torn off, some fading of color


Ken Clothing

Arabian Nights
missing one shoe and pamphlet, otherwise complete - coat is wrinkled but VG-EX


Army and Air Force
missing tan belt, blue tie, and brown tie otherwise complete - jacket has a few small, light stains, one on sleeve, one near breast pocket, one along seam and one in back, none are very distracting, slacks also have a couple of small, light stains. still GC-VG


tan hat only - VG


Breakfast at 7
missing one slipper and razor, otherwise complete - robe and pajamas have a dull, used look to them, all pieces need pressing or steaming, pajama top has large hole under one arm that needs to be repaired, if the right kind of leather-like material can be found, could probably make a repro slipper by copying the one that's there


complete except keys - shirt is a little dingy, slacks are wrinkled


socks - GC


10809.jpg (56034 bytes)

shirt - (pictured center and right) VG

$5 each

socks - GC


Fraternity Meeting
sweater and slacks, missing shirt otherwise complete - sweater has either a pull in fabric or factory error on back of one sleeve, slacks have a bunch of tiny dot-size stains on back of legs in two spots and near waistline, not too noticeable


  Ken Prince - Little Theater
slippers only


Loungin’ Around
green-print shirt - EX


shorts, GC


Pants - (Assorted)

various Ken slacks including Casuals, Fraternity Meeting, Campus Hero, etc. Please specify which color your interested in and ask for details on condition 


Night Scene, The

maroon slacks - tiny hole in front near zipper 


Saturday Date
slacks, jacket, shirt - shirt dingy


red short sleeves (p.52, Eames book)


Skin Diver
complete - elastic on mask all stretched out, sweatshirt VG


Sleeper Set
pajamas, clock and HTF danish, - complete except glass of milk


pajamas - brown, GC


Special Date

Complete (shown in picture)- no elastic around the tie, and missing the tiny white "hanky" piece in the breast pocket


Complete except socks - includes dark colored socks instead of red, no elastic around the tie, missing the tiny white "hanky" piece in the breast pocket, dingy shirt with a little fraying around the collar


10812.jpg (52415 bytes)

Tennis #7837 (1974-1975)

shirt, sweater, racquet, cover, ball, sneakers - shirt and sweater a bit dirty, one cuff has been repaired sloppily on sweater and could use redoing, start of hole on seam on one arm and another near cuff, spot on front of shirt (might come off with cleaning), has some stitches out at shoulder and on back bottom of shirt  


Terry Togs

razor - cord pops out from end, has some blue marks



Time for Tennis
sweater - has a few dirty spots on it, one line of dirt around top of sleeve $5
shorts - bit wrinkled but pretty clean $5
racquet $5
ball $5
helmet - has been repaired and white line down middle is rubbing off $5
helmet - GC $10
knickers - has dark marks in back and dirt mark on side that may clean up okay $7
shoulder pads $10
football $10


complete except flower corsage in box - shirt is yellowed and stained around collar, on back, and back of one arm, bow tie elastic is held together by a thread


10816.jpg (57698 bytes)


jacket & slacks - spots on legs of slacks, jacket missing button, material in nice shape, GC


10817.jpg (64405 bytes)

Victory Dance
jacket - no crest on pocket, otherwise GC


vest - GC


Generic Barbecue Apron

Ken size for unknown doll, has red stain at bottom


Early Skipper Clothing

Ballet Class

complete except one slipper and ties on slippers - leotard has very large run down middle of back, tights have about four runs, tutu, hairpiece and program VG-EX $55
tutu only - VG $15

Cookie Time
complete - dress has some yellowing on white section especially around collar, but overall still in good shape, cookie box is flattened $75


Dogs 'n Duds
bone $10

robe & pajamas  - robe has light stains, pj bottoms has small dot stain $15
robe - colors faded & streaked $3

Dress Coat
complete - coat, hat, purse, socks, shoes - excellent condition for the most part, socks a little bit dirty but not too bad $55
coat, hat, purse - some wear to material mostly around sleeves, button hook on purse has come undone $35


costume - good not great


Me 'N My Doll

miniature doll, legs are bent backwards a bit (need straightening)


Outdoor Casuals

complete except gloves - outfit VG, yoyo string is a little shorter than normal


School Days
complete except one ball of yarn and wooden bowl with needles - shirt looks a little dingy, one shoe chewed up, sweater has minor pilling $40

School Girl

missing socks, glasses, and pencils -shirt is a little dingy


apple - lots of paint worn off and flat on one side


10803.jpg (52176 bytes)

Silk ‘n Fancy

dress - white satin skirt is dirty, may whiten with cleaning, a little wear to the velvet mostly in back


Skating Fun

All Prettied Up

complete - blades have come off skates but can be pressed back in or glued to stay on, body suit has run in sleeve and hole along seam


body suit, skirt, hat - white section of bodysuit is dirty and collar needs sewing, couple of runs at collar and all the way around one arm, dot on back of arm that may wash out but not positive, skirt wrinkled, has a very small white spot that might was out, hat a little dingy, but not too bad


Under-Pretties - slip, 3 curlers, mirror


Mod Skipper Clothing

10505.jpg (57863 bytes)

Bloom Zoom

dress - one sleeve is coming off and needs sewing, 1 snap need sewing back on, couple of stitches out near collar, material bright


10802.jpg (86168 bytes)

Chilly Chums

dress - tip of one sleeve stained and both tips of sleeves have piece of material cut as if to make the arm holes wider for a doll with fatter arms, rest of dress looks good


Flower Power
long skirt - elastic stretched out, someone put stitches in to try to fix $5
red tie belt - VG $8

Ice Cream 'N Cake

panties - GC


Jeepers Creepers 

top - EX


Town Togs

complete except stockings and belt, one shoe is chewed up on front, felt on dress and coat in VG shape, elastic button loop missing on back of shirt


Francie Clothing

10823.jpg (68537 bytes)

Clam Diggers
jacket - missing button strips (frogs) $10
hat - VG $15
single yellow soft squishy heel $10


complete - vintage set not the repro - color not quite as bright as some we've seen, but not too bad, comes with green boots (Eames book shows green shoes, but believe it also came with ankle boots), glasses have one end tip broken off (still have it), one stocking has holes on both sides


skirt & shirt - shirt has bleeding colors, pleated skirt needs pressing $12

Leather Limelights

boots - pink smeared off in spots, some stains on white


Note the Coat

complete - light stain on front, another on sleeve missing button on front of coat, shoes a little misshaped


Slumber Number
complete except poms on slippers $25
Undies (1967) for Francie & Casey
pink panties w/supporters, VG $5
slip - (also for first things first), VG $5

Tutti / Todd Clothing

10906.jpg (64504 bytes)

Let's Play Barbie - dress - has red bleeding around top of skirt


Let's Play Barbie - miniature doll, legs are bent backwards a bit (need straightening)


Plantin Posies - hat - some black marks on top


Sand Castles - pail – some color fading on sailboat on the front


Chris - green panties with stain, little dingy


Todd - plaid cap, GC


Original Outfits

Free Moving Barbie - long skirt


Hair Happenin's Francie - original dress with attached panties - dress is dingy looking, one sleeve is coming off at shoulder and needs repair, stitching out around collar, would probably look nice after washing and repair


Living Barbie - swimsuit and coverup, s/s has some wear to it and a small amount of elastic on leg needs a few stitches, coverup has a little fraying on ends of ties, otherwise excellent


Olympic Medal Skier Barbie - jumpsuit - little stain on back, otherwise GC-VG


Olympic Medal Skier Ken - top and slacks - GC


Quick Curl Francie - original dress - color dull and faded


Super Teen Skipper - hot pink swimsuit, knee pads, wrist bands, skateboard with stand -VG-EX


Talking Ken - swimsuit and jacket - wrinkled


Talking Ken - jacket - colors a little faded




We often have an assortment of Barbie, Skipper and Ken shoes in stock, but usually don't have time to list them all. Ask if you are looking for something specific.

Allan Original Sandals...$15
Barbie Pink Open Toe Shoes (Japan) with pink poms - one shoe missing pom - $10
Barbie Yellow Open Toe Shoes (Japan) with matching envelope purse...$15
Barbie Hot Pink Open Toe Shoes (Japan) with matching envelope purse...$15
Barbie Orange Open Toe Shoes (Japan) with matching envelope purse - both shoes look as if they are starting to split...$10

Barbie Young Capezios - red ballet slippers - these look just like the ballet slippers to Barbie’s Ballerina outfit only they are red with red ties, they come in their original mini box marked, “Young Capezios by Capezio, the Dancer’s cobbler since 1887”. The slippers are marked “Japan” on the bottom. Believe they may have come in one of the Skipper or Barbie My Merry sets. Box has a tiny bit of wear, but over all in nice shape...$25 
Barbie Brown or Dark Brown Squishy Lace Up Boots - (Japan)…$7/pair
Barbie White Sneakers (Japan) - $8
Barbie/Francie Blue Hard Square Top - (Japan)...$5
Francie Light Blue Squishy Buckle (Japan) - a little discolored...$12
Francie Red Squishy Ankle Boots (Japan) - for Swingin' Skimmy etc...$15
Francie Red Squishy Buckle -...$15
Ken Brown Shoes  - (Japan)…$5

Skipper Pink Flats - (Japan)…$12
Skipper Black Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper Red Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper Dark Blue Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper Light Blue Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper Turquoise Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper Green Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper Yellow Flats - (Japan)…$10
Skipper on Wheels Roller Skates - wheels only (no boots)…$5


Barbie Hair Fair Hair Piece (1971) - long spiral pony tails with barrette - end curls up on one side, some loose hair strands...$15

Barbie Hair Fair Hair Piece (1971) - bun with hair bow - elastic is very stretched out...$10

10917.jpg (71876 bytes)

Skis and Poles - Mattel pink skis marked, "Taiwan"...$10 set


Barbie Fashion Booklets  
(some fashion booklets may have creases or other minor flaws so please inquire) 

2420.jpg (76758 bytes)

Barbie and Ken Blue Booklet - 1962, booklet has staple holes from center page through the end of booklet from where an inserted page was stapled in (believe by Mattel). Staple has been removed and the extra page is loose inside booklet. We had many booklets that had this loose page inside so believe Mattel added the page after the booklet was printed. The page has Barbie's Dream house advertised on one side and the other side is blank … $5
Exclusive Fashions Book 1 - shows Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allan, and Skipper on cover, dated 1963 but probably later than that, inside shows 800, 900, 1600 fashions, Miss Barbie, Fashion Queen, Little Theatre and Travel Costumes, Skipper and Ken outfits, New Dream House, Fashion Shop, several gift sets, has checkmarks in pencil next to a bunch of the pictures...$10
Exclusive Fashions Book 2 - shows Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allan, and Skipper on cover, dated 1963 but probably later than that, inside shows 800, 900, 1600 fashions, Miss Barbie, Fashion Queen, Little Theatre and Travel Costumes, fashion paks, Sparkling Pink Gift Set, Barbie Ken and Midge On Parade Gift Set, Ken and Allan outfits...$10
Exclusive Fashions Book 3 - shows Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allan, and Skipper on cover, dated 1963 but probably later than that, inside shows 800, 900, 1600 fashions, Midge's Ensemble Gift Set, Fashion Queen Gift Set, Barbie and Ken Little Theatre Gift Set,  fashion paks, Skipper outfits, Ken and Allan outfits...$10
Exclusive Fashions Book 4 - shows Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allan, and Skipper on cover, dated 1963 but probably later than that, not as thick as Book 1, inside shows 800, 900, 1600 fashions, three center pages have come unstapled and are loose inside...$5

Francie Fashion Pamphlet - pamphlet that came with Francie dolls, unfolds to 5 pages, shows a dozen Francie outfits, 11 other dolls including Color Magic, American Girls, Bend Leg Ken and Bend Leg Allan, and Tutti Giftsets...$10

2421.jpg (65233 bytes)

Living Barbie and Living Skipper - 1970, shows Talkers, TNTs, 1700s, 1400s…$4

2416.jpg (72859 bytes)

The World of Barbie Fashions Book 3 - 1966, The World of Barbie Fashions Book 3 (shows Barbie, Casey, Francie, Skipper, and Tutti on the cover), 10 pages includes Color Magic Barbie, Black Francie, 1600 Fashions, and Color Magic Fashions, and Francie and Casey Mod fashions....$7

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