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Mickey Mouse Club Magic Paint with Water - by Artcraft Paper Products, comes with 4 pictures, the pictures have already been painted, not too neatly. One corner of the box it torn and there is some old tape residue there. We think this set dates from the 1950s since it came out of an estate that had tons of 1950s toys, but not positive..$25

Walt Disney Tricky Mickey Magic Colorforms - a fun, unique Colorform set, put piece in magic hat, turn the knob and when it appears in the red film it is one object, turn the knob again and the piece appears as a different item in the green film. Missing one piece otherwise complete including pamphlet, box bottom is dirty with  creases, side has a split in it, corner of box is split, tape marks from where box was once taped closed...$35

7213.jpg (38888 bytes)

Mickey Mouse Record Tote - 1960s, round for 45rpm records…$25

Marching Mickey - 19", Hasbro, doll's legs still move when hands are squeezed, has stain on back of one foot, pants droop at waist...$15

3502.jpg (66405 bytes)

Mickey Mouse and The Pet Show - Golden Tell-A-Tale Book, 1976, just a little wear to the cover and residue from sticker...$5

3501.jpg (56672 bytes)

Donald Duck and Chip 'N' Dale - Whitman Tell-A-Tale Book, 1954, cover a little dirty, residue from sticker...$7

Disney Sleeping Beauty Puzzle - by JayMar, complete with all pieces in its original box. There is no date anywhere on the box or the puzzle, but it appears to be an earlier one. The pieces are approximately 1/8” thick and the puzzle measures 9 ¾” x 14” when put together. One corner of the puzzle has a 1” scratch in the picture and on a few of the pieces the picture is starting to separate from the lower cardboard (can be glued back down)...$35

Huckleberry Hound for President Record - copyright 1960, 33 1/3 rpm, cover is a bit dirty but not too bad, record has a large scratch on it, so not sure how well it will play (untested) but cover still good for display...$10

8314.jpg (18518 bytes)

Smurf - 8" body feels like he's stuffed with beans while legs and head are a softer stuffing, arms are not stuffed, tagged, "©Peyo-1980, Schleich/Wallace Berrie & Co....", lightly played with but overall GC...$15

2921.jpg (57311 bytes)

Raggedy Andy Doll - Hasbro, 12” doll, no clothing but still has hat attached (don't see it in photo as it's towards the back of his head). No tears or stains, VG...$10

8310.jpg (36589 bytes)8311.jpg (53888 bytes)

Raggedy Andy Figurine - We're not sure how old this 4 ¾” figurine is, but we're guessing it is from the 1970s or earlier. It has a “Made In Japan” sticker on the bottom. Andy has the tiniest paint rub on his nose and a few black scuff marks on top of his hat but otherwise looks to be in very-good condition....$15

Raggedy Ann Dress Up Kit Colorforms – 1967, missing 3 small pieces, one yellow button, a white collar, and a white bow. The box has tape marks on the sides and the corners, and the bottom of the box was taped, and needs retaping to hold together. One corner of the box lid is ripped some along the seam. The doll has one foot that was taped on (was torn off and taped)....$15

Raggedy Ann  and Andy Paper Dolls - 1973, Bobbs-Merrill Co., box is ripped in the corners, clothing is all cut, includes two dolls and clothing..$15

Walt Disney's Mary Poppins Dress-Up Kit - copyright 1964, box is squashed a bit and paper is torn off on corners of box. Bottom of box is ripped. Missing 9 pieces--2 larger pieces and 7 small ones. Colorforms no longer stick to boards, but may with a cleaning of soap and water..$20

y04.jpg (63237 bytes)

Dennis the Menace - stuffed doll, 14" could use a light cleaning, tiny hole on seem near neck, has some fading of material in spots, could possibly use a little more stuffing in spots like arms and around neck...$15

Wishnik Troll - by Uneeda, 1992,  troll is about 8", part of price tag is on front window, card has some wear to it, plastic bubble is squished on bottom, inside troll's nose has a light line across it like a scuff mark and there are loose hairs on the clothing, NRFP....$15

McDonalds 1988 Flintstone Kids Fred with gater - This is from the very hard-to-find set of Flintstone Kids that McDonald’s put out in 1988. It was a regional special available only in parts of New England and Florida. Have some light paint rubs...$8

McDonalds 1988 Flintstone Kids Wilma with dino - This is from the very hard-to-find set of Flintstone Kids that McDonald’s put out in 1988. It was a regional special available only in parts of New England and Florida. PVC Wilma and her plastic dino have some light paint rubs but nothing major...$8

3423.jpg (74786 bytes)

McDonald's Good Time Great Taste Record - cardboard record dated 1988, plays okay...$10

Hardees X-men Set - complete fast food set of figures from Carls Jr. and Hardees...$15

Hamburglar - stuffed doll, has small hole and light stain on face, some stains on arm...$25

f18a.JPG (46056 bytes)

Burger King - 20" stuffed & vinyl, paint off on tip of nose missing staff & cape, body bit dirty...$10

Lil Sprout - some fading and stains on cloth, back of doll has white specks all over...$10

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