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Hallmark & Carlton Card Ornaments

All ornaments are mint-in-box unless otherwise noted. Some boxes have the original price tags taken off the sides of the boxes, so if this matters to you, please inquire if the ornament you want has it or not.  We have duplicates of some ornaments so if you are interested in more than one, please ask.

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Miscellaneous Hallmark Ornaments

1978 Merry Miniatures Pilgrim Boy - loose, no box...$10

10114.jpg (50088 bytes)

1995 Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner)...$20

10112.jpg (57287 bytes)

1995 Beverly and Teddy...$25

4309.jpg (88327 bytes)

1997 Happy Christmas to All! - for Collector Club members only...$10

4308.jpg (65813 bytes)

1997 Away to the Window - for Collector Club members only...$10

4312.jpg (96386 bytes)

1998 Our First Christmas Together...$8

8505.jpg (34885 bytes)8506.jpg (28232 bytes)

1998 Lapel Pin - based on Hallmark's 1998 "Night Watch" ornament, still on original card, card has small creases, pin is mint...$5 

1999 Mary's Bears...$8

1999 Arctic Artist – club membership ornament…$8  

2000 Ringing Reindeer - club membership ornament….$8 

2001 Betty Boop Santa's Little Sweetheart - Carlton Cards, Betty says "Boop Oop A Doop" includes cell batteries, although never displayed a tiny amount of paint has rubbed off on Betty's legs...$25

2001 A Magical Dress for Briar Rose - from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, dress changes from pink to blue... $15

2001 Samantha "Sam" Stephens Bewitched...$15

2001 Beaglescout - #4 in the Spotlight on Snoopy series...$10

2001 Marilyn Monroe - Charlton Cards, Showbiz Fantasy...$18

2001 Rugrats - Charlton Cards, Angelica & Chuckie...$17

2001 Pillsbury Doughboy - Charlton Cards, sound ornament, Doughboy giggles, tab to be removed before making work still intact so has not been tested, although never displayed there is what looks like a glue stain on the back of his hat...$20


2001 What a Grinchy Trick. - Dr. Seuss' The Grinch ..$16

2001 Rugrats 10th Anniversary ornament, “Hold onto your Hats” - Charlton Cards, Dil and Tommy on saucer sled, no box…$10

2001 All-Sport Santa...$10

2002 Frosty Friends - 23rd in series...$14

2002 The Biggest Fan...$10

2002 Strawberry and Pupcake Ornament, Carlton Cards, scented ornament...$20

2003 Kris Kringle...$10

2003 A Gift for Raggedy Ann - clip on ornament...$10

2003 Hop on Pop Dr. Seuss – 5th in series, windup knob doesn’t work…$5

2004 Catch of the Day…$10 

2004 The Peanuts Games – set of 4 ornaments…$10

2004 Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins…$14


Hallmark Car & Vehicle Ornaments

10124.jpg (68777 bytes)

1995 Merry RV...$18

1995 Batmobile...$20

3223.jpg (71467 bytes)

1997 Chevrolet Corvette...$18

4315.jpg (59780 bytes)

1997 Miniature Corvette...$8


1997 The Flight at Kitty Hawk,1st in the "Sky's the Limit Series…$15 


1998 1917 Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny", 2nd in the "Sky's the Limit Series…$15 

2004 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Coupe – 14th in series…$14 


Hallmark Lionel Ornaments

1996 700E Hudson Steam Locomotive - 1st in Lionel Train series, side box flap is torn about 1 1/4"...$20

1997 1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive - 2nd in Lionel Train series...$20

1998 Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive - 3rd in Lionel Train series...$20

1999 746 Norfolk and Western Steam Locomotive - 4th in Lionel Train series...$20

1999 The Tender Lionel 745 Norfolk and Western -complements the 746 Norfolk and Western Steam Locomotive...$15

2003 4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive - 8th in Lionel Train series...$20

2003 Lionel Daylight Oil Tender - complements the 4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive...$15

2003 Lionel Daylight Observation Car - complements the 4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive...$15


Hallmark Barbie Ornaments

10121.jpg (63097 bytes)

1994 Barbie Swimsuit - 1st in series...$20

10117.jpg (70087 bytes)10118.jpg (71904 bytes)

1994 Barbie Holiday - 2nd in series...$20

3316.jpg (39322 bytes)

1995 Barbie Holiday - 3rd in series...$20

3214.jpg (53181 bytes)

1997 Barbie Holiday - 5th in series...$18

3317.jpg (45545 bytes)

1995 Barbie Springtime- 1st in series...$15

10115.jpg (58524 bytes)10116.jpg (69655 bytes)

1996 Barbie Springtime - 2nd in series...$15

3320.jpg (44568 bytes)

1997 Barbie Springtime...$15

6019.JPG (85170 bytes)

1996 Native American Barbie...$15

10122.jpg (77897 bytes)

1997 Chinese Barbie - 2nd in Dolls of the World series...$15

3324.jpg (40586 bytes)

1997 Rapunzel...$15

3216.jpg (46254 bytes)

1997 Barbie Wedding Day...$18

4412.jpg (86545 bytes)

1997 Holiday Traditions Barbie...$15

4411.jpg (83268 bytes)

1997 Victorian Elegance Barbie....$15

1999 40th Anniversary Barbie....$15


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