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Liddle Kiddles & Similar Same Era Dolls

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Anabelle Autodiddle - car - good condition...$10

Bunson Burnie's Fire Truck - fire truck - missing both ladders...$10

Freezy's Sled - missing string to pull in front, but still has strap to hold doll..$20

Greta Griddle - doll with table and two chairs - believe head is on the wrong body since there is a small amount of white sock paint on the bottom of feet so it may belong to a different Kiddle although it is the correct size for Greta, body has lots of problems, limbs don't bend, one foot is off at the tip, slit in vinyl on other foot, pinpricks in legs, slit in vinyl on hands, replaced elastic in hair...$25

Heart Pin Jewelry Kiddle  - doll is missing gold headband...$40

Kampy Kiddle - sleeping bag, one chunk of the material lining the inside of the sleeping bag has disintegrated, a little bit of fraying at ends...$20

Kologne Kiddle, Violet - doll and bottle, variation pale hair, no inner stand, front of bottle is cloudy, cracks in plastic around base...$25

Sheila Skediddle - doll - wearing panties only, hair has been retied (no flower), has big area on back of heel where sock paint has rubbed off...$10

Shirley Skediddle - hair has been sloppily redone and needs fixing, dress is dirty and dingy, tips of toes are nipped off, sock paint coming off, no panties or shoes...$15
  Surfy Skiddle - doll - bangs are sparse and frizzy, has large spot of greenish/white on her butt, swimsuit is rough around edges and has some bleeding of color from blue trim, all limbs pose...$15

Trikey Triddle - doll - hair retied, ribbons replaced, wire peeking out under seam of one wrist, vinyl of leg is split at top, face is pale...$20

Playful Pups Case - same size as the Kiddle hat box case and put out by Standard Plastic Products (SPP) same makers of Kiddle and Barbie cases, could use a light cleaning, inside has some stains and needs cleaning, case is a little squished and mis-shaped around zipper...$10

Tyco Liddle Kiddles Carly Cheerleader - reproduction Liddle Kiddles from 1994, part of the Strap-on Collection. MOC...$15

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