Miscellaneous Toys & Vintage Items


Smiley bank - plastic, measures approximately 6 x 6 ½”, complete with stopper...$10
Smile Dress-Up Set Colorforms - copyright 1971, box is squashed a bit. One corner on lid is loose and all four corners of bottom of box are loose, one side of box bottom coming off. Missing one small piece. Includes instruction booklet...$15
Walt Disney's Mary Poppins Dress-Up Colorforms Kit - copyright 1964, box is squashed a bit and paper is torn off on corners of box. Bottom of box is ripped. Missing 9 pieces--2 larger pieces and 7 small ones. Colorforms no longer stick to boards, but may with a cleaning of soap and water..$15

Walt Disney's Pinocchio Colorforms - no copyright date, box is misshaped some, some wear to graphics, missing two small pieces, includes booklet..$15
G.I. Joe Colorform Play Set - copyright 1982, box is misshaped mostly on bottom, but a little indenting on top, little tear in lid on bottom flap, black sections holding colorform pieces looks as if it has a tiny bit of bubbling, complete including booklet..$15

Jim Henson's Muppet Babies Colorform Play Set - copyright 1984, box has a little curling inward on corners and wrinkling of graphics, complete including booklet..$15

Raggedy Ann Dress Up Kit Colorforms – 1967, missing 3 small pieces, one yellow button, a white collar, and a white bow. The box has tape marks on the sides and the corners, and the bottom of the box was taped, and needs retaping to hold together. One corner of the box lid is ripped some along the seam. The doll has one foot that was taped on (was torn off and taped)....$15
Pac-man Record - 1980 Pac-man Picture Disc...$20
4021.jpg (74153 bytes) Bedknobs and Broomsticks Puzzle - by Jaymar, complete, no copyright date, includes several shaped puzzle pieces (i.e., shaped like animals, car, heart, etc.), box is split up one corner, a few creases in box and one light scratch on bottom of picture...$15

Lot of 1953 Dot-to-Dot/Coloring Books - 4 dot-to-dot/coloring books from Platt & Munk, Co. Inc., the condition of the books is amazing for their age. They are all dated 1953 in Roman Numerals on the front cover. The covers are very clean and the pages inside are very white and clean, not yellowed like a lot of the older books are. All the pages have dot-to-dots on them. Fun around the Home has one dot-to-dot done inside. Fun in the Country has 7 pages done. Fun at the Zoo has 8 pages done and a child has written either “Good” or “Bad” in big letters across the top and a few pages were scribbled in crayon. Fun in the Park has 9 dot-to-dots done.  Each book has about 16 pages...$15 all
Wizard of Oz Color by Number Coloring Book - book is undated. The last owner had it for 15-20 years and it was used when they got it, so it’s at least that old. The original price is 39 cents. The pages are yellowed making us think it is an older coloring book. On the cover it says “A Dutch Book”. The first page was torn off. The front page is colored in, and about 5 other pages are either colored in or have crayon scribbles on them. It has 52 pages total. The cover has some creases and wear around the edges...$10
Jungle Book Coloring Book - Whitman, 1967, a couple dozen pages colored, Baloo's fur on front cover is flocked, spine is tearing at top, pages yellowed...$10
Julia (Diahann Carroll) Coloring Book - Saalfield, 1968, unused, cover has some wear to the graphics...$20
Adventures of Mumbly Super Sleuth Coloring Book - by Rand McNally, cover has a deep crease across the front and some light wear to the graphics, 70 pages, about 5 pages have been colored,dated 1977...$20
The Walton’s Coloring Book – cover has some wear and part of graphics worn off near original price tag, 1975, mostly unused, but one page was colored nicely with markers and the color bled through to the next page, and three pages have some marker scribbles on them and the color bled through to a few of the pages behind them...$10
Hardy Boys Coloring Book - coloring book #1, cover has many creases and is a bit dirty, there is a marker line towards the bottom. Copyright 1977, a few pages have been colored...$10
r05.JPG (46895 bytes) Ohio Art Metal Pail and shovel -This metal pail is purple with a Caribbean scene. There is some rust on the pail mostly around the bottom and up the side seam, but does have spots in other places as well. The graphics are scratched in a number of places. The inside is tarnished quite a bit. The shovel looks good on top except right in the seam of the shovel the paint is cracking, the under side of the shovel has some rust and scratches....$20

Vintage Big Eye Anime Vinyl Pencil Case - not sure when this vinyl pencil case dates from, but looks like the ones that were put out in the 1960s and 1970s. It might be later than that since it is marked “made in China”. It is marked “Happy Days Pencil Case” on the cover. Magnets hold both the cover closed and the inside pencil holder closed. The case measures 9 ½ wide x 5 ¾” high. There is some discoloration and stains on the back (not too bad) and the vinyl is a little wavy on the front...$15
4102.jpg (61339 bytes) Little Golden Book cardboard clock book holder -cardboard piece is the "Golden Hours Library" with a copyright date of 1967, meant to hold 12 Golden Story Books (not included). Clock is actually two pieces--lid lifts off to remove the books, hands on the clock are moveable to help children learn to tell time, cardboard lid front, sides and the back of the piece are quite worn. In front there were about a half a dozen tears in the cardboard which were taped up after the photo was taken so now there is tape on the front holding it together. Fair condition...$5

Pecos Stuffed Figure - 7" figure tagged, “PECOS copyright 1974, Russ Berries and Company, Inc.", has stains on felt hat and on back, weighed at bottom with beans (or something similar) so it can stand....$15
8315.jpg (28481 bytes) Owl Treasure Pet - tagged, “Treasure Pet, copyright circle importers, Prod. Of Japan.”, velour with stuffed straw body, pipe cleaners around eyes, felt clothing and satin sleeping cap. The velour is a dirty, small hole in tail and wire inside is poking out of it. A little bit of straw falls out of the hole the tail is in...$10

Mod Vintage Vinyl Totes Bag or Purse - We're guessing this black and white glossy vinyl tote bag is from the 1970s, maybe even late 1960s. The bag measures approximately 13” across and 12 ½” long, has a light stain on one side which we tried to show in the photograph, and a tiny amount of wear in the bottom corners but otherwise is in pretty good shape....$20
6421.jpg (65423 bytes) 6610.jpg (36751 bytes) Indian Man - 4 1/4" tall, has an indent in forehead that looks almost like a hole, but believe it was factory flaw, pin-size hole in the top layer of glaze on the back of one leg, no chips or cracks, marked on the bottom of one foot, “JAPAN"...$10

Patsy and Hedy Career Girls Comic - Marvel, Vol. 1, No. 98, February 1965 - pages have yellowed, a couple pages have tears, great illustrations of 1960s fashions...$10
Dr. Seuss Record Album - Record jacket is rough, about a 6 on condition. Record look like it has scratches, but we haven’t played it so don’t know how they will play. Still a nice piece to display with your Dr. Seuss collection...$10
Vintage Christmas Items

Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers - set of Santa salt and pepper shakers probably from the late 1950s early 1960s. Marked on the bottom “©Rene D. Lyon Co./Japan”. The pepper shaker has some black scuff marks on the top which we haven’t tried to remove it out of fear of washing off the red paint. Both shakers have paint rubbed off in a few places on the red hats....$15
Annalee duck wrapped in Santa hat -This cutie is tagged 1982. He is not in perfect condition, has some tiny holes in the felt on the bottom of his feet, a couple on his stomach, and a few others in various places on his body. Not sure if maybe moths were starting to get to him, but all the holes are very tiny. The plastic holly on the hat has a little tear in it. Cute, but not for the mint collector...$15

Madonna and Child Porcelain Music Box -vintage wind-up music box that plays Silent Night. Made by George Good, Japan, with the musical wind up knob marked “Sankyo.” This porcelain figure/music box features the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary holding baby Jesus with an cherub angel kneeling in front of them. Measures 5 1/2" X 3 1/2"...$15

Two vintage 1970s Christmas ornaments Little Miss Muffet & Boy - Little Miss Muffet has a sticker on her saying “Made In Japan” The back of her card has a label on the left side that reads “distributed by Thrift Drug Co. a division of J.C. (or U.C.) Penney Co., Inc. New York, N.Y” along with the word “Japan” printed on the right side. To us, it looks like the company's name is U.C. Penney not J.C. Penney. Could be a typo, could be the Japanese company who manufactured this item got the J.C. Penney name wrong, or maybe there once was a company called U.C. Penney. Or maybe that really is a J. The ornament is flocked and has lace trim for her outfit. She probably dates from the late 1960s or early 1970s

Not sure who the boy of the second ornament is supposed to be. His cardboard header reads “Christmas Ornament, Made in Hong Kong” with a Barkers store price sticker on it. He is painted plastic (not flocked like Muffet). He probably dates from the 1970s...$15