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Due to the large volume of e-mails we receive from people wanting us to identify, appraise, or provide information about their dolls and/or other collectibles, we can no longer respond to these requests.


Looking for information about a doll or toy you own? We get lots of e-mails from people looking for information and/or values of dolls and collectibles from the era we specialize in. While in the past we have tried to be helpful whenever we can, the amount of requests we receive from this website and the time it takes to answer them all has become too time consuming to keep up with the demand. For appraisals, it is difficult to give an honest assessment on value without knowing exactly what the item is, the overall condition, and every little flaw of the collectible. Finding out all this information usually requires several back and forth e-mails. With our already limited time we cannot afford to spend the time answering e-mails from everyone who finds us on the Internet and wants information about a collectible they own. So, we sincerely regret that due to the volume of e-mails of this type we receive, we will no longer respond to e-mails from those wanting us to identify items they have, requesting additional information about their item, or those who just wish to find out what their item is worth. Our sincerest apologies for this policy.


So, where do you find out information? If you wish to find out what an item you own is worth, one of the best places on the Internet to search for past or current selling prices of collectibles is the on-line auction site EBAY. You may find several examples of the item you own have come up for auction in the past. If so, it may give you an idea of what your item might be worth. You can also post requests for help on the different newsgroups or bulletin boards located all over the internet. Numerous books and value guides have been written dealing with all types of collectibles and if you spend some time at a library or bookstore, your item may appear in one or several of them. 

Do we buy? Because we already have a large inventory of merchandise,
we are not purchasing any new items at this time.



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