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1950s & Earlier Dolls & Accessories

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Vogue Jeff - elastic on pants is shot so really big lots of hair rugs, torso caved in, eyelashes rubbed, doll rattles when you shake it, scratches on back...$25

Uneeda 15"Unusual Baby - 15”  doll with a very unusual facial expression, heavy vinyl and inset glass eyes with molded vinyl lashes. Her eyes are clouded a little, and her lashes have some paint rubs. One eye has a scratch, there is a scratch in the vinyl on her nose between the nostrils, and a small nick on her nose. There is a nick in her lip paint and her hair is matted. She has something in her stomach , maybe a crier, but it doesn’t work. She is marked, “Uneeda Doll Co. Inc. Uneeda” on her head and “513-25” on her neck. Unsure of age of doll--might be late 1950s-early 1960s. Not sure if her outfit is original—it could be hand made. It has some rust stains on it. The doll could use a cleaning...$20

11808.jpg (76485 bytes)11809.jpg (102392 bytes)

Unknown Mask-Face Doll with Polka Dot Outfit - This doll is a petite 9" tall. Her body appears to be stuffed with straw as it "crunches" if you press it. Her body and skirt are very dirty and not sure how to safely clean it, has been repaired in the front near both arms, has two tiny holes in arms and one tiny hole in back of head, outfit looks like same material Mattel used for their tiny Mrs. Beasley dolls...$15

Pixie-like Blow Molded Plastic Doll - 10" doll, date unknown, open and shut eyes, head is brittle plastic, torso and limbs are blow molded plastic, unusual thing is the legs are black instead of white. He has a crier in his back that doesn't work, freckles mostly off on one side, light scratches on face eyebrow thinner on one side than other, wearing red one piece PJs with plastic pompoms and matching hat, one snap missing in back of outfit, marked"Made in Hong Kong" in circle on back...$20

b06.JPG (62096 bytes)

Composition Pincushion Doll - looks a bit like a Duchess Doll, crazing on head and arms…$20

11008.jpg (39352 bytes)11009.jpg (68824 bytes)

Bisque Papoose Doll - 3 1/2", marked, "Made in Japan" on back, face and hair have been painted and the paint is wearing off quite a bit, underneath blanket doll's body is white bisque...$15

8 1/2" Blond Walker Hard Plastic Doll - unmarked, head moves when "walks" but legs don't move easily, blond hair is a bit wild,  some stains on arms, bridge of nose has finish off, has darkened area on sides of eyes, not sure if painted lashes smeared and faded or if finish is scratched off, dress is untagged, has big donut style snaps, one snap off on one side...$15

4104.jpg (52988 bytes)4208.jpg (75705 bytes)

20" Tall Paper Doll of Antique Doll -boxed set of paper dolls was a 1988 Lillian Vernon exclusive, clothing has been cut out, also included with the set are 4 sheets containing 4 additional uncut outfits (not shown in photos). These 4 outfits were to be colored in. The clothing has been colored, one nicely, 3 of them not so nicely, box is a little worn....$10

Betsy McCall Coloring Book - by Whitman, 1971 unused (no colored pages), tiny amount of dirt on covers...$20

11218.jpg (78023 bytes)
11220.jpg (96202 bytes)11219.jpg (108299 bytes)

Vogue Ginny Blouses - two different variations of Ginny’s red checked blouse shown on the cover of  her book “Ginny’s First Secret”. Both have the Vogue tag inside but one of them the tag has been cut so only part of it is there. Both are in played with condition. No stains or tears...$15

The following clothing fits Little Miss Revlon and other 10.5" dolls. Doll shown in photos NOT included.

White dress with blue bow - crisp fabric doesn't look worn at all but one spot under lining is torn from top to bottom in a line so needs stitching, little light bleeding from bow on the white fabric...$10

Pink Gown - dirty, has a couple of holes in back, bottom snap missing on one side...$10

Striped Fur Coat - snaps need reinforcing...$10

Gold Ballerina costume - little baggy in bosom area for a 10 1/2" doll, doesn't close completely in back..$5

Ski Outfit - might be Jill's, but untagged, both snaps off on one side (but there, not sure how to fix them), jacket doesn't close because of snaps, hole on bottom of foot on tights...$10

Sheer Pajamas - crisp fabric, look unused except pink set has a little spot of green (paint?) on the back...$10 both pairs

3-piece PJs - little dingy but cute...$10

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