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Ideal Tammy and Family

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Tammy Rarities From Around The World by Cindy Sabulis & Rebecca Wingler

To learn more about this book or to order a copy click here


Tammy & Family Dolls


Tammy's Dad - wearing original shirt and pants that were sold separately for Dad and Ted, no shoes, hair has lots of rubs, tiny slit in vinyl above eyebrow that looks like a small scar....$30

Ted - wearing shirt and shorts that were sold separately for Dad and Ted, shoes are not Ideal's and have stains on the back of them hair has lots of rubs, dot size stain on leg, and some scratches on plastic...$25

7207.jpg (39372 bytes)

Mary Poppins - Horsman, 11" wearing original purple dress and blue coat, no shoes or stockings, hair is loose and bangs are thin, lip color bright but has a tiny dot of black on bottom of lower lip, coat has a couple of light stains, dress is faded a bit...$15

Pepper - dirty blond hair in almost a shag style, pink lips, one arm has some light indents in vinyl near shoulder, small punctured spot on one heel, nude...$15


Tammy Clothes

Unless otherwise specified, photos of clothing are actual items being sold and not similar items being shown for reference only 

Figure 8
hat - has hole and three slits around the edge of hat  $3
skates - no blades or ties and tops have been cut off  $3
slacks - has three tiny holes in material $8

Fun in the Sun
beach mat $8

Knit Knack
pink & white knit dress - missing one tie in back, small hole in skirt, has a couple of spots where it looks like holes may be starting  $8

Long Sleeve Blouse Pak Outfit #9232-0
Variation of the blouse shown on page 73 of "Collector's Guide to Tammy, the Ideal Teen." Blouse is pink with white stripes (vs. white with pink stripes). Blouse is in excellent condition. Comes with black crescent purse, hanger, and the original hang top from the cardboard packaging. $40

Picnic Party
shirt - red with blue and white variation, VG $8

Puddle Jumper
complete - one boot has a pinkish tint to it, especially around heel so doesn't match up perfectly with other boot, umbrella has what looks like a glue stain close to metal point and the point has tarnished some, purse has light discoloration and a creased flaw in the vinyl, coat and scarf are VG, includes original top to cardboard package $35

School Daze
dress - top of dress a bit wrinkled, GC (photo shown for reference only, not actual dress you would receive) $15

School Daze
typewriter - some melt marks, also for Private Secretary $10
Tammy's telephone directory $5

Snow Bunny
boots - has Japan tag on bottom of one but not the other $10

Sleepy Time
top and bottom - edges of lace around sleeves and neck is worn, has a a light stain on top $10

Tee Time
top and skirt - both are faded and wrinkled (look washed), top a slightly lighter color than skirt, top has a small pull in the material in front (hard to see) $15


Underwear Set
slip, mirror, & brush - mirror has some old glue residue around foil mirror part, some scratches in plastic, design is light in places on back, brush design is light in places on back, some scratches in plastic $10

Walking Her Pet
blouse, missing heart chain on pocket $6

Tammy Accessories

Tammy Fashion Booklet -light pink with Tammy wearing Dream Date holding purse  (have several, may have some minor flaws, please ask)...$5 each
Tammy's Family Fashion Pamplet -black and white fold out  (have several, may have some minor flaws, please ask)...$5 each
purse - black and red half moon purse  (Sweater Girl)...$5
purse - gold half moon purse, may have minor flaws...$5

Pepper Clothes

After School
sweatshirt with "Pepper" print - has a very light dirty spot on hood (would probably come out with a washing), a few letters on the printing are fading off $7

Happy Holiday
score card - has stains on front $6
Sun & Surf  
tan beach tote - GC $8

Party Time  
turquoise dress and panties - fair condition, very discolored and stained both on front and back of dress, panties torn all the way up side and have a dark stain on it. $10

Party Time
dress - GC $15

Teacher’s Pet
red tote bag - also for Winter Wonderland and Beach Party $5

Winter Wonderland
red tote bag - also for  Beach Party $5


Mom's Lazy Days
 robe - EX condition $25

Dad & Ted Pajamas
 2 piece pajamas & one slipper (missing other) - a few tiny stains on pants, includes top of original card $15

Dad & Ted Sports Car Coat (#9467-2)
 jacket - very wrinkled but probably will look nice when pressed, missing top toggle closure on one side $8

Miscellaneous Tammy Items

Tammy and Pepper Big Golden Book
Large picture book, copyright 1964, all color illustrations $10

2003 Tammy Convention Tee-Shirt
Convention tee-shirts given to attendees at the 3rd annual Tammy Convention held in Chicago, IL April 2003, beige, size adult large $15

2003 Tammy Convention Totes Bag
Convention totes bag given to attendees at the 3rd annual Tammy Convention held in Chicago, IL April 2003 $15

2004 Tammy Convention Totes Bag
Convention totes bag given to attendees at the 4th annual Tammy Convention held in Chicago, IL April 2004 $15


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